Monday, April 5, 2010

Old shoes. New shoes.

New shoes. Buying new running shoes. Finally getting up the nerve to replace the old ones.

The old shoes are so comfortable. So much easier. You know they fit. You don't even have to untie them. You slip them on with ease. When you run in them, you hardly even feel like you're wearing shoes. It's that effortless. You don't have to try. You don't have to feel. You can just relax. You know what you're getting with the old shoes. Sure, there's a tear in the interior fabric.....the soles are worn down so much there is virtually no traction left.....but you still refuse to look for something else. Something different that doesn't end up injuring your knees or back any further.

So you finally make the jump to the new. The new shoes. They are unfamiliar, and slightly uncomfortable at first, a little awkward with respect to running. Costly, too. They squeak on the treadmill. The old shoes never would have done that. The new shoes are a little unpredictable right now. You're not sure if your feet will hate you later. You're not sure how you feel about the new shoes. You know you need to replace the old shoes with the new shoes, but you liked predictable. What you see is what you get with the old shoes, where the new have no idea what you're in store for.....and this might scare you a little. But it's a good thing....these new shoes. No more back pain. Fewer knee issues....and maybe even less calluses from running. You don't need pesky foot pain. Go with the new shoes. You'll soon forget all about the old shoes, as you're able to run farther with the new shoes anyway.

Ok, so who still thinks I'm talking about shoes? :)

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  1. Maybe I just write about running too much. I did think you were in fact talking about shoes.