Saturday, July 31, 2010

I guess they ran out of donuts

I set time aside today to take my dogs to the grooming spa. Yes, a spa. Have you seen pictures of my dogs??? Good, then you understand how it might be plausible that they require a spa for grooming services.

I park my car in an open spot in front of the establishment and go inside to retrieve my spoiled little darlings, as their primping has been completed. I come out with the furry children, and as I'm putting them in their car seats, i.e. their crate in the backseat, a cop stops, blocks my car, and puts on his lights. Oh for Christ sake....what the fuck does he want??

Cop: "Hello, Ma'am. How are you doing today?"

Me: "Good, and yourself?"

Cop: "Good, do you have a handicapped sticker for your car to park here?"

Me (perplexed as to why he would ask me this): "Um, no...why would I need one to park here?"

Cop: "Because this is a handicapped spot"

Me: (curiously looking around for ANY signage communicating this point): "Oh wow! I'm sorry about that. Didn't know. Usually there are signs posted in front of the spot and on the actual spot to signify it being a handicapped spot."

Cop: "It's a handicapped spot. Are you aware there is a $500 fine for parking here when you are clearly not handicapped?"

Me (still looking for a fucking handicapped sign.....STILL unsuccessful....and now I'm secretly wondering if this guy is heavily medicated): "Yes, sir. I'm sure there's quite a hefty fine for parking in a spot illegally. You see, though, there are no signs posted to that effect. It appears we have a slightly problem. Hmmmmm....."

Cop (smiles and nods in agreement): "Are you leaving now?"

Me: "Yes, sir, I am. Just came to get my dogs and now I'm leaving."

Cop: (smiles in a much creepier manner than the first time) "Ok, then. I'll let you off with a warning this time. Have a nice day."

Me: "Um, thanks. That's sweet of you. You too!"

Meanwhile.....I'm still looking for this handicapped sign, and slightly offended this wacked out cop didn't share whatever the fuck it is he's on...not that I would accept said offer. I don't do those sort of things, but still...manners and such....just saying.

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