Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why hello Mr. Blogpost, how do you do?

Have you ever had a friend who speaks with minimal filtering? Comments on random observations, albeit not sugar coating even the slightest offensive part? Umm that's sort of me....

This blog is a pseudo response to several folks who have read my Facebook status messages and either can't believe I just posted that or find my updates entertaining enough that some have even suggested I publish my "priceless one liners". Clearly if someone says something on Facebook, it MUST be I'm going with that. Quite frankly, I'm too lazy at this point in time to sit down and write a blog it is. At least in this forum, I won't have strict character limits as I rant and rave about what I have just observed. Oh Facebook....why do you limit me so?

So here it first blog post ever. Quick and painless.....ahhhh like some of my past relationships.

Of course, if anything I write ever offends................oops? :)


  1. Just wanted to be the first to post on the blog... very nice start!

  2. Added your blog to my google reader. Keep me entertained :)

    -Tommy O