Wednesday, February 3, 2010 can say that again!

Never in my life have I followed a TV series where missing one season has rendered me completely clueless......until now. Thank you, LOST producers, for THAT. Really. I love to hate this show for confusing me, and I hate that I love this show even when it frustrates me to my inner core. The black smoke, two John Lockes, a bomb that was a few inches away and didn't instantly kill Julia, Jack not recognizing the other characters on the damn plane, and for fuck sake how many "Others" are there!!! Can we get some name tags for those people PLEASE!!! I am not expecting for the groups to sit Indian-style and sing Kumbaya, but c'mon let's come up with some identifiers, thanks.

And don't get me started on some of the amazing (really I'm kidding with this) acting abilities. How is it that characters are supposed to act like they are mourning another character's death, but somehow end up sounding like they are in deep throws of passion with a dead person in their arms? I mean seriously.....sad v. orgasmic. You'd think this wouldn't be too difficult, but Sawyer never really seems to nail this task. Acting 101. Sawyer, I've secured a special spot in the front of the class for you.

So someone clear this one up for me, because I haven't gotten around to catching myself up quite yet (is it even possible with this show?).....Jack and Kate were a hot, steamy item....hmmm they'd make beautiful kids wouldn't they? Their kid, McSavage might be a nice match for McDreamy and McWhiney's kid, no?? Ok so Jack and Kate were an item, then Kate and Sawyer were gettin' busy. Now Sawyer and Julia are doin' the deed....ok were...guess she's dead now...or is she? Eh, maybe he's into that. How's that for an awkward love triangle?!?!

I wonder how this show will wrap up......I can't even begin to guess at this point. I do know that I'll be a loyal follower until the bitter end. I've had my ups and downs with the show...but I'll stick it out for better or worse. I promise. Whoever said I had a fear of commitment was seriously mistaken. Just saying.

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  1. rofl - can we get name tags for these people - I love it!!!