Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WTF, Mother Nature. WTF.

Dearest Mother Nature,

Do you have a physical address that I might be able to deliver some Midol to, perhaps? I'm just wondering, you see, because it appears you've had a serious case of PMS lately. Might I also add that you are really pissing people off with this indecisive behavior. Warm, cold, rain, snow....make up your f***ing mind! But please, for the love of God.......NO MORE SNOW!

Has it completely escaped your attention that some of us are in a line of work that does not allow for "snow days"? It is during these days that I wish I were a teacher, student of some sort again, and yes, even a government employee....or hell, even an 18 year old again so I'm not paying for shit yet....sigh....oh and by the way, the snow is getting progressively worse outside.....aggressive, even. I'm going to wake up at 4:30am to 3 feet of snow awaiting my shovel love again. I can feel it. Swell. WTF.

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  1. Hey.....haven't you lived in this area most of your life?......You know if you don't like the weather in DC just wait 15 minutes.....it'll change! -TommyG